Lotion Bar | Jasmine, Lavender and Rosemary | 3 oz | Cocoa Butter | Organic Hemp Oil | Sea Buckthorn | Reduced Packaging


Deodorizing Body Powder | 2 oz | Foot Powder | Under Boob Powder | Underarm Powder | Underarm Deodorant Powder | Frankincense Powder


Dog Shampoo Bar | 3.75 oz


Dog Deodorizer and Flea Powder | 5.5 oz | Diatomaceous Earth | Lemon Verbena | Neem Powder | Lemon Eucalyptus | Lemongrass | Lemon Balm


Nag Champa Lotion - Exotic Incense Lotion smells like a Hippy Shop or Head Shop, with Turmeric - richly moisturizing, heavenly healing


Amazing 24 Hour Natural Deodorant | Flower Garden | 1.75 oz | Travel Size | Trial Size


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Ziryab's Body Brew

Our mission with ZirYab’s is to free us from corporate and industrial manufacturing by bringing locally available natural solutions that are easier to use, work better, are healthier for the body and holistically benefit the body, mind, community and the earth.

All of our natural body products are hand made by us at our Silver City NM store, which we sell there, online, and at craft markets.