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Seeking the best natural deodorant that really works, even for very smelly underarms? This safe deodorant works better than any antiperspirant at combating strong body odor naturally! My paraben free and aluminum free deodorant is very long-lasting and is the best deodorant for those with excessive sweating and smelly armpits.

My deodorant will work for you for 24 hours and it's a deodorant that won't stain light clothes yellow. I guarantee it or you money back.

CHRIS SAYS "The best antiperspirant and deodorant ever! I haven't been able to find any natural deodorant that works and doesn't make me glands swell up, this is so much better than antiperspirant. My wife keeps smelling my pits and saying 'Yup, still working!' Thank you!!!"

I first made my deodorant just for me, simply as a backup to be used with my antiperspirant. Before making my deodorant I wore three antiperspirants in one day and reapplied once or twice during the day. Still after 8 hours, I would want to shower and change into fresh clothes. This deodorant changed my life. Some people who don't sweat may think I am dramatizing but those who suffer from excessive body odor know exactly what I am talking about. If this is you, do not wait to try my deodorant. If you are skeptical, try a free sample listed on this site (you only pay for shipping) first.

Not only is this a natural deodorant that is long lasting and actually works but it is vegan, paraben free and contains no aluminum or alum salts.

Unlike antiperspirants which can quickly start smelling bad and turn your shirts yellow, my deodorant doesn't do either of these things. It is a lotion-like consistency that dries very very rapidly. You apply it using your hands but it doesn't harm your hands and you can easily wipe it or dust it off and washing your hands afterwards is not necessary. You don't need to re-apply so you don't need to bring it with you "just in case".

I hope to save other people like me from the years of self-conscious discomfort worrying about their body odor that can be so easily solved by something as simple and healthy as my deodorant recipe. That's not to mention saving people from the unnecessary exposure to all the chemicals in commercial antiperspirants. If you are like me, plugging up your sweat glands with chemicals meant to block your sweat never really worked and seems sort of unhealthy to boot. Plus, the commercial stuff ruined my clothes, making the underarms stiff and discolored.

My deodorant will let you wear so many more clothes like white and light colored shirts and t-shirts without being permanently yellowed after just a few wearings. Now, I don't hesitate to buy light colored tops.

INGREDIENTS (original scent)
Aloe Vera Juice
Baking Soda
Witch Hazel
Coconut Oil
Organic Hemp Oil
Avocado Oil
Bentonite Clay
Frankincense Powder
Organic Tea Tree Oil
Organic Neem Oil
Essential Oil Blend
T-50 Vitamin E
Xanthan Gum

Essential Oil Blend is light, refreshing, clean and appeals to both genders, it includes Frankincense, Lavender, Peppermint & Geranium. Also includes Patchouli, Please note to those who dislike Patchouli, in my experience, the patchouli I use is aged and the way I use it helps anchor the other scents without taking over. Most people who dislike Patchouli intensely still like the scent of my deodorant. Please see my post on Patchouli for more info:

This is 6 ounce squeeze bottle and should last at least three months but can last much much longer depending on how much you use.

Cautions: Although this is wonderful, even miraculous deodorant, some people will find it too strong for their body chemistry. This deodorant is made to counteract the acidity of sweat that bacteria thrives in. If you don't sweat or aren't smelly (acidic) under your arms you might find that my deodorant is too strong for you to use without adjusting the application of it to suit your particular body chemistry. If you experience itchiness or rashing, it indicates that you are probably applying too much for your needs at this time. (Keep in mind our body Ph level changes due to diet etc which in turn changes how much deodorant is appropriate for each of us.) If you experience any itchiness or irritation, reduce or stop using the deodorant. You may find diluting my deodorant with Aloe, water, lotion or oil will reduce irritation significantly without impacting the efficacy. . You can also try applying a layer of your favorite oil before applying my deodorant. For more information, visit my site. Please be aware that the high alkalinity of the deodorant may temporarily darken your underarms (although eventually may make them lighter than they were before) so if you are someone who needs their underarms to be white in the near future (soon-to-be bride?) be cautious.

If you are interested in learning more about deodorants, please visit my website at

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Best Natural Deodorant for Odor | Safe Underarm Deodorant | Strong Long Lasting Best Natural Deodorant for Odor | Safe Underarm Deodorant | Strong Long Lasting Best Natural Deodorant for Odor | Safe Underarm Deodorant | Strong Long Lasting Best Natural Deodorant for Odor | Safe Underarm Deodorant | Strong Long Lasting

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