Dog Deodorizer and Flea Powder | 2 oz | Diatomaceous Earth | Lemon Verbena | Neem Powder | Lemon Eucalyptus | Lemongrass | Lemon Balm

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We also have a 6 oz size here:

Some dogs are smellier than others. Water dogs like retrievers produce special oil that helps protect them from cold and water and allows them to be better swimmers but this same oil can make them a bit smellier to us humans.

I made this powder in honor of Iggy, a beautiful golden retriever who was not only prone to hot spots but to being a bit smelly most of the time.

A dog who smells unpleasant might have a medical condition that needs to be explored, anything from food allergies, sensitivity to products, using a shampoo the dog's skin doesn't like or hyperthyroidism can increase oil production or smell in a dog. As usual, have these issues checked to rule out an obvious cause.

If you bathe your dog a lot, you may want to DECREASE the frequency. Sometimes, too many baths can dry out a dog's skin which can cause dermatitis (and smelly fur). Over cleaning can cause the dog's skin to overcompensate for dryness by producing even more oils. Dogs can be more sensitive to the common ingredients in shampoos, especially if exposed to them frequently.

When using my powder, you might be able to enjoy snuggling with your dog without needing to cart him off to the groomers. Rich with lemongrass essential oil and lemon Verbena Powder,
dog might be sensitive to the chemicals in shampoos which could result in a reaction causing smelling skin. My powder is meant to soak up oil and provide a pleasant smelling mild antibacterial that can address smell.

Washing a dog too often can actually make a dog even more smelly.

protect them from water. Like getting your dog to run through a Lemon Verbena bush and rolling in diatomaceous earth. Baking Soda to deodorize, colloidial oatmeal to sooth and absorb, lemon verbena to repel insects, fleas and mosquitoes, diatomaceous earth to kill fleas.

Great for dogs who hate baths or older dogs who are having trouble tolerating flea medication (and baths!) Tried and tested on my Charlie (now in doggy heaven), who hated perfumes but didn't mind this. Also used on our new dog Gidget to rid her of dog-pound smell.

Dog Deodorizer and Flea Powder | 2 oz | Diatomaceous Earth | Lemon Verbena | Dog Deodorizer and Flea Powder | 2 oz | Diatomaceous Earth | Lemon Verbena | Dog Deodorizer and Flea Powder | 2 oz | Diatomaceous Earth | Lemon Verbena | Dog Deodorizer and Flea Powder | 2 oz | Diatomaceous Earth | Lemon Verbena |

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