Face Mask for Rosacea | Quassia Face Mask | licorice Root Facial Treatment | Reduce Redness | Calm Inflamed Skin

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This difficult skin condition can be difficult to treat. This face mask uses Quassia, a South American herb and one of the bitterest herb known. Studies suggest it can help greatly with Rosacea. I have also included cleansing, soothing and detoxifying ingredients including: Bentonite Clay, Quassia, Oatmeal, Licorice, Spirulina, Chamomile, Neem, Ginger, Arnica, Calendula, Olive Leaf Powder, Green Tea, Saw Palmetto, Burdock Root, and Turmeric.

BENTONITE CLAY: Absorbs unwanted oil, draws out impurities and is packed with minerals.

QUASSIA: Studies show this bitter herb to be very effective treatment for rosacea.

OATMEAL: Soothing and relieving of irritations and itchiness.

SPIROLINA: This anti-inflammatory ingredient contains chlorophyll which strengthens and calms the skin

CHAMOMILE: A calming herb that reduces inflammation and cools the skin.

NEEM: This is a gentle but very effective antimicrobial while also working to calm swelling and burning.

ARNICA healing herb that helps with redness and inflammation

LICORICE ROOT protects skin from flare ups, some call it a natural hydrocortisone. Also helps heals sun damage

SEA BUCKTHORN is said to calm the immune system and prevent it from attacking healthy tissue.

BURDOCK ROOT: Soothing anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.

GINGER reduces inflammation.

TURMERIC contains curcumin, a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredient.

My masks can be used with water or you can get fancy and mix with your favorite natural base like yogurt, cucumber, aloe, milk or honey (or a combination. )

A little goes a long way, you only need a teaspoon of mask powder which you mix with with enough liquid for easy spreadability without overly dripping. If it is just water, I've found 2 or 3 teaspoons is enough. Allow to stay on skin for about 20 minutes and wash off. Use once or twice a week should be enough.

I also have an Acne Face Mask and a Mature Face Mask as well. More details for these are under different listings.

Face Mask for Rosacea | Quassia Face Mask | licorice Root Facial Treatment |

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