Remineralizing Doggy Toothpaste, Hemp Seed, Diatomaceous Earth, Neem Oil, Fennel Seed, Anise Seed, Vegan, Chemical Free

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Product Description

DOGGY TOOTHPASTE in a 2 oz Glass Jar
Your dog might not like getting his teeth brushed but she'll love the taste of this toothpaste. I've packed this with good things for doggies' teeth.
BAKING SODA: This odor eliminator is also good for dog's teeth and breath by balancing the Ph and making the saliva less attractive to plaque causing bacteria.
This doggy toothpaste is formulated to help with dog's tooth decay and a dog's bad breath by fighting the bacteria and plaque build up. Take a pea sized amount and rub dog's teeth with your finger or a brush. Most dog's seem to like the taste. The brushing part, well, that's between you and your dog. Even if you can't get much brushing in, it will help a little if you can manage to get it up into their gums.
ORGANIC UNREFINED HEMP SEED OIL, ORGANIC EXTRA VIRGIN COCONUT OIL AND ORGANIC SESAME SEED OIL: These oils act as a lubricant to deliver good things to the teeth and help dissolve plaque and build up. Oil is much better than bubbles and detergents for our dogs (and us). Ayurvedic practice has been using oil to clean teeth for centuries. I picked three of my best organic varieties, two because they are common to use in ayurvedic teeth cleaning and organic hemp because of its healthy fats for both dogs and humans.
ACTIVATED CHARCOAL: Is a great teeth cleanser and whitener, not just because it gives a very gentle scrubbing but because it is an adsorber. The thousands of little pockets present in activated charcoal catches and traps debris and germs, whitening teeth. The Activated Charcoal I purchase is food grade and safe to consume.
DIATOMACEOUS EARTH: Is great and gently scrubbing away tartar and plaque and is food grade and safe to consume.
BENTONITE CLAY: Contains trace minerals that are good for teeth and along with Calcium Carbonate are the remineralizing part of the toothpaste.
ANISE SEED AND FENNEL SEED: Both are stars at fighting the bacteria. Anise is said to block the action of an enzyme that harms teeth. Fennel has different properties but has a similar action in fighting tooth decay in dogs. Both herbs are safe and even good for your dog.
ORGANIC NEEM OIL: This wonder oil is so helpful in so many part of our life. It is an incredible natural antibacterial and is a safe and effective natural toothpaste for dogs. Neem alone should not be fed to your dog but in the amounts I have included in this toothpaste, it is safe and very beneficial. Essential Oils of:
PARSLEY LEAF: A dog-safe and tasty natural antibacterial which is also rich in chlorophyll, thought to help neutralize bad breath
TURMERIC: Thought to help with bad breath, to whiten teet, to help with tooth pain and gum desease. It is safe and even beneficial for dogs because it has good vitamins in it.
SPEARMINT: credited with preventing gum disease and gingivitis. Dogs seems to like the taste and it is safe for them to consume. I use only a small amount as we must remember that essential oils are very strong and if misused can harm them.
STEVIA LEAF: This is the natural green herb version directly from the plant and not the processed white powder. Stevia is safe for dogs and adds a little sweetness to the toothpaste. Again, this is a small quantity of Stevia Leaf.
As a note: Please be informed about Xylitol (WHICH IS NOT IN THIS PRODUCT). It is found in human toothpastes, gum and diet items. While wonderful and healthy for human's teeth, Xylitol is toxic to dogs and their livers. Dogs will search it out from your pockets and eat it which can seriously harm or kill them.
SEA SALT: A natural antiseptic.
VIT E: an antioxidant.

Free of sorbitol, emulsifiers, polysorbates, synthetic detergents

Remineralizing Doggy Toothpaste, Hemp Seed, Diatomaceous Earth, Neem Oil, Fennel

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