African Black Soap | Shea Butter | Natural Soap | Gentle Face Soap | Eczema Soap | Traditional Soap | Shea Soap | Charcoal Soap


Natural Handmade Bath Soap


Pine Tar Soap | 3.75 oz | Itchy skin | Flakey Skin | Eczema


Pine Tar Shampoo Bar | 3.75 oz | For Flakey Scalp and Itchy Head | Eczema Shampoo| Dandruff | Dry Scalp


Dead Sea Mud Soap | Complexion Soap | Face Soap | Vegan Soap | Sulfur Soap | Exfoliating


Shaving Soap | Bentonite Clay | Good Slip | Vegan Shaving | Organic and Sustainable Palm | Natural Shaving Soap


Rose Soap with Rosehip & Honey, Moisturizing Soap, Face and Hand soap, Rosehip Facial Soap, Rosehip Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Babassu Oils


Shampoo Bar | 3.75 oz | Orange Honey with Jojoba and Argan


Shampoo Bar | 3.75 oz | Rosemary


Ziryab's Body Brew

Our mission with ZirYab’s is to free us from corporate and industrial manufacturing by bringing locally available natural solutions that are easier to use, work better, are healthier for the body and holistically benefit the body, mind, community and the earth.

All of our natural body products are hand made by us at our Silver City NM store, which we sell there, online, and at craft markets.