Strawberry Honey Shampoo Bar | Natural | Old Fashioned | Strawberry with Jojoba and Argan | Sulfate Free | Biodegradable | Cruelty Free

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I am in love with Shampoo Bars! They are convenient, cost saving and save on packaging! What's not to love?

Now you should know a little bit about they different kinds of shampoo bars.

Traditional Shampoo Bars are made by saponifying oils to create a cleansing bar. That is the type of bar theis Strawberry Honey shampoo is. It is absolutely free of any synthetic detergent or phthalates, this is the old fashioned and natural way to wash hair. That means, no propylene glycol, no sodium lauryl sulfate, no Diethanolamin, no, well strange things - just simple, good for your hair saponified oils, proteins, essential oils and strawberry fragrance. Shampoo Bars are far more cost effective than liquid, synthetic shampoos. In tests, shampoo bars last much longer than liquid shampoos, probably because you don't use more than you need. This is both economical AND good for the environment. Shampoo bars require MUCH less packaging, are lighter to ship, and keep unnecessary chemicals out of the water supply. And, because you are using less shampoo, it doesn't take as long to rinse the bubbles out of your hair! I highly recommend this type of bar for people with short hair, who want body in their hair and want to be gentle on the environment while saving money too. Traditional Shampoo Bars are on the alkaline side which makes them self preserving and cleansing. The downside of traditional high-alkaline bar is that they have a harder time working with mineral rich hard water. This can be fixed by using my recipe for a simple, inexpensive and convenient ACV Distilled Water rinse (recipe below). I do include natural hair loving oils that can coat the hair, allowing hair to be thicker and curlier but not all hair types will respond perfectly to this kind of natural shampoo.

Other shampoo bars, like the one I make, use a variety of synthetic detergents. The quality and level of environmental impact varies greatly. One thing I am sure of, all shampoo bars better for reducing packaging. I make this kind of shampoo bar for people with more challenging hair (like me). I have dry, damaged hair that I like to keep as long as I can. I also color my hair. I like to switch products too so if an ingredient is building up in my hair, the other shampoo will wash it out. I think my Ph Balanced Shampoo Bars use the best of new-fangled cleansers developed to play nice with hard water. My shampoo bars (unlike some) are both sulfate free and are Ph balanced. I also add conditioners in the shampoo bar too. They are very gentle, environmentally ethical, are much more economical with very high end, salon level ingredients. This bar is great for people with longer hair which is a bit drier and more delicate but they are pricey and do contain synthetic detergents and preservatives.

Strawberry Honey Shampoo Bar | Natural | Old Fashioned | Strawberry with Jojoba

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