Strawberry Sugar Scrub | 5 oz

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Sugar scrubs are great for your face. They exfoliate AND sugar is a natural glycolic acid.

I use freeze dried strawberries with non-GMO cane sugar and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

When I go to shows, I can't keeps this stuff on the shelves. No wonder, what can smell better then strawberries and sugar?

Luckily it really works well as a refreshing, cleansing, exfoliator.



Extra Virgin Coconut OilUnrefined Non-GMO Cane Sugar
Grapeseed Oil
Organic strawberries
Beet Powder
Can Sugar
Vit. C powder
Vitamin e
Strawberry Flavor
Strawberry Fragrance

Strawberry Sugar Scrub | 5 oz Strawberry Sugar Scrub | 5 oz

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